Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Textbook Meeting (Mesyuarat Buku Teks) 2012

Pn Keetha (left) and I
Mr Alex (left) and I
With editors, panel writers and reviewers

The above are some photos taken at the BBT (Bahagian Buku Teks) Textbook Meeting, held at Summit Hotel @ 11 May 2012. The meeting kicked off at 7pm and adjourned around 12.30am, so a long night for most of us indeed.

It was a great networking session for me. Apart from meeting the authors, panel reviewer (panel penilai) and the BBT officers, I also met my former high school teacher, Pn. Keetha, who taught me Biology in Form 4 & 5, 17 years ago! Pn. Keetha hasn't changed much (I mean, I couldn't spot the signs of ageing on her :-) and she is still a very lovely and friendly teacher I used to know. 

Other reviewers were very friendly and helpful too. Most of them are practising teachers, some are lecturers from Teacher's College (Maktab Perguruan) and universities. They offered me plenty of constructive feedback on how to improve the textbook. Their dedication and passion in education were truly felt and acknowledged. 

Finally, many thanks to the following wonderful people whom I met at the meeting. It has been a great honour and pleasure working with you.
Pn Keetha, Mdm Lim, Pn Empi, Mr Alex, Pn Syam, Dr Sim, Azlina, Vivian, Pn Noraini, and many many more.


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